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Risk of Injury

Identify dysfunctional movement patterns and correct them before your athletes get injured.

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Discover what corrective actions need to be taken and measure athletes back to their baseline.

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Return to Play

Confidently know when an athlete is ready to get back into the game with objective movement data.


Movement in 4D

Take visualizing movement to the next level with alignment rods, isolated goniometry, and full-body joint kinematic analysis.

A phone screen that shows a 3D model of an athlete performing an overhead squat, with graphs displaying left and right knee flexion.

Full-Body Joint Kinematics

Valor identifies asymmetries, areas of injury risk, and optimal healthy ranges, helping you understand your athlete's movement on a deeper level.

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Progress over time

Track an athlete's asymmetries and max range of motion over time, allowing you to optimize your training programs or get an athlete back to their baseline when rehabbing.

An iPhone screen showing a progress report of an athlete's max knee flexion over 3 month period of retesting.

AI Reports

Gain high-level insights within seconds with Valor AI, letting you focus on your athletes instead of the data.

An iPhone screen showing an automatic AI report that provides high-level insights based on the movement data of an athlete.
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No longer are we confined to biomechanics lab environments - with Valor, we can capture more data, more often, in hopes of improving rehabilitation and optimizing our athlete's abilities

Jeremy Raadt, Sr. Director of Baseball

The Minnesota Twins

Valor helps me get to the problem a lot faster. It lets me skip unnecessary exercises, get straight to the point, and apply the proper solution to help my athletes excel.

Timothy Boutte, NFL & NBA Trainer

369 Sports & Fitness

Valor allows us to slow down movement patterns in 4D motion while also providing game-changing analytics. It solidifies what we're doing in the weight room and immediately impacts an athlete's in-game performance.

Aaron Corwin, Director of S&C

DBAT Lewisville

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